Suggestion to move Mission Cop Community meetings to Manny’s


Holding these meetings in a Funeral Parlor would be about as comfortable as holding them at the Cop Shop on Valencia who suggested building a concrete wall around the place.

Didn’t mention if he’d need gun slots or watch towers or a moat.

My comment there cause Lydia and Joe have only Public platform in town that will post any of my comments at all.

Why the fuck you imagine such a situation has come to exist ??

My comment …

March 23, 2023 at 1:58 am

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Yolanda, Most people are uncomfortable about entering a Police Station anyway and given the hostility the Mission Force shows when dealing with the community in this precinct it goes double there. Why not ask Manny to devote on slack evening a Month on a Recurring basis til no one shows up and I doubt that will be a problem. Unlike SFPD, Manny can fill a room. Be nice to see alternating moderators of other Mission community outlets like Mission Local or our wonderful Supervisor Hillary Ronen. Go Niners !! h.

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