This posted on Mission Local District Police Cowardice


Long long ago new SF Mayor Dianne Feinstein went to Europe I believe it was or it could have been Tokyo or Hong Kong or pretty much any civilized city in the World with a Police Force and she saw these little buildings sometimes, or at least some kind of structure to house cops directly on the scene at hottest spots be they that for tourism or danger.

Rachel Gordan, then of the Chron nicknamed them Cop ‘Kobans’.

Feinstein demanded we get them and they put one at 16th and Mission and another at 24th and Mission and one at 6th and Market I think at Civic Center BART and one in Chinatown.

Here’s the comment …


Dianne Feinstein solved the problems at those Mission intersections by putting Cop Kobans there 24/7/365.

Put the cop boxes in SW most corners of BART property and things quieted down quickly.

POA fought to remove them as too dangerous to cops.

The Mexican gangs were fighting and it was too dangerous.

Kinda like present Mexican government has given up large parts of their domain.

Won’t walk a beat here (Mission) unless there’s 5 or 6 of them.

It is disgraceful when men we pay to carry guns and protect us go away and leave unarmed seniors and the disabled and the rest.

Go Niners !!


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