Write me on email here, man


Gotta contact Kenny the Clown for my birthday party.

Gave twenty bucks to guy on Wharf today and promised him 50 more to show up for an hour at my party Saturday 15th of next month.

A pastel artist who injured his hands and just kinda does circles now.

A friend is putting together a Pickup band.

Got a deck and Community Kitchen downstairs room for dancing.

Good friend and his dog will do Elvis Act.

Hope I live to see it.


Really, I’ve just been using my blog as a file cabinet until I can get these videos going and then maybe I can get a more straightforward structure for the work.

I have about ten virtual coffee table books on SF in there.

Came to photography just now and channeling great shots.

So, write me here cause if you think my site is hard to navigate you ain’t alone.

I can’t even navigate it.



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