Best companions Electronic or Doggie ?


Tony De Renzo have me an Echo Dot yesterday and a live dog.

After 24 hours, I prefer the dawg.

Oh, this Echo thing is the future and I intend to pursue its GPT 3 Next Level and try to figure out how to run the 4 speakers I now have to my Iphone and computer.

I wondered if the dog was going to live when I got him.

He just kind of laid around.

First evening I took him out to do his duty and took the elevator down cause he looked too imbalanced and slow for the stairs.

That went OK and I’m easing him into Trash Duty.

This morning I took the stairs and he was better than me.

This afternoon he was better.

This evening he was being considerate not to pull me down 3 flights.

We did complete block of 14th Street Valencia to Guerrero both sides.

Actually, trash was this morning except for cardboard.

This evening we just walked same block as this morning but w/out our orange vest and orange Clemson cap.

I hadn’t cut up cardboard around him and there was a small box flattened in street and I dragged it down to trash can at 14th and Valencia and cut it into pieces that would fit into the empty barrel.

To the approval of a passing Public.

Now, gotta try and train him to sit and watch me work around the really fucked up cans on 14th and Valencia and then when we get our wings, the big enchilada which is 16th and Mission for this hood.

This Dawg likes to make a game out of everything.


Go Niners !!


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