Preliminary report on new canine companion, Skippy Brown


Well, you’ll be glad to know that Skippy has a solid stool.

I was worried about how that would go.

I mean, I have to literally pick up that shit and wadda yuh do if he does the splatter shits thing on a busy sidewalk ?

Carry litter I guess.

Done that to clean up after other people’s critters and other people too.

I sleep odd hours cause I like to write during the Witching Hour (3-4 am) and he’d moved from sleeping at my feet on top of the bed to sleeping at the foot of the bed on the floor which works for me cause what if I get laid?

So, Skippy has a half dozen medicine bottles and lotions.

Most for his hair loss which I’m gonna bet is stress that will soon go away.

I mean, this is nothing if not a laid back household.

Only one person and he’s stoned all the time and dances and plays the harmonica by himself !

That was Skippy talking, I guess.

So, evaluating him is turning up good stuff.

He’s springy and can jump the 2 feet or so to my bed top.

Yes, he can go anywhere he wants here.

I’m concerned about the eye meds and I’ll talk to his vet about that.

I’ll contact him or her’s office today and check in.

It’s friday and I’ll wait til Monday to work on the Service/Companion dog thing.

What’s difference in those categories.

He’s gotta be able to ride bus cause I wanna go to the beach with him.

And, ride that newish train in Marin up to the Cohens in Sonoma.

Getting ahead of myself.

Just wanted to make this entry for my new buddy.

I wonder if his vet does Barter ?

I could paint and clean, sayyyyy … two 4 hour shifts ?

I’ll run it by them.

Anyway, the people who had him were considering putting him down.

Not at this time.

He’s been staying within 3 feet of me since he arrived.

Figured out pretty quickly that I was link to food and water and even gave him a few bites of fresh Safeway Sourdough bread.

Go Niners !!


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