Proposal for SFUSD 1-8 grades Student Security Project


Another teacher and I actually did create such a Monitor force at Potrero Hill Middle School in around 1995 but Keith Jackson’s school board killed it.

We did all but steps ten and eleven which may be why we were dumped.

Proposal for Pilot SFUSD Student Security Project in 11 steps

1. Register all students to vote automatically

2. Accept applications for Student Monitor Force

3. Accept applications for Office of Judge

4. Accept applications for Trial Attorney (Defense or Prosecutor tbd)

5. Register and train Monitors with High School Mentor Volunteers

6. Establish and practice on duty Protocols and Citations with Mentors present

7. Sound Alarm Practice with Fire or Personalized Alert systems

8. Practice Seeking Pre-Determined Cover

9. Calls to Jury Duty and trials after Office reviews Citations

10. Jury Verdicts and Sentences reviewed by Office

11. Uniformed SFPD Officer sits or stands Detention Hall Duty

This have any chance with the School Board ?

I’m just so tired of watching videos of crazy people killing kids.


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