DPW, Manny’s, Volunteers … 16th and Mission clean as a hound’s tooth !!!


I did a short video walking Skippy and showing the amazingly clean area I live in these days and the Mission is supposed to be the pits.

Especially 16th and Mission.

Gutters perfectly steel brushed perfectly and Citizens and Merchants have come to the fore over the last year and a half I’ve been cleaning and meeting people.

I can’t say enuff about the work Manny Yeuktiel has done in making this happen.

My new dog, Skippy knows how to obey a ‘sit’ command in the apartment at the door when I’m putting on his gear for walking.

Completely forgotten the word when we reach the street.

He’s a real pain in the ass to walk and I’m sure he feels the same way.

He’s no lap dog and hasn’t licked my hand once.

He’s adopted me and our crib totally tho.

Won’t let me get more than two feet from him.

Afraid I’ll bolt and leave him alone ?

He has nightmares that are beyond the ‘walking leg motion’ you see on comfy house dog ("They’re dreaming when they do that." mom always said.).

Let me get at my day.

Shopping done, did kitty/trash/Fish pet sit thing.

Stopped by Manny’s and got another couple dozen orange City trash bags.

Go Niners !!


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