Booster shot for Dawg’s 79th be there or be square


"Saturday a week" noon to 5pm
286 Valencia #26
(415) 527-9993

My last party not organized by some form of Chat SPT I’m guessing.

Interior courtyard patio

If you are under 60 you’ll be a youngster

Bring your own booze and wine and good friend providing …

Barrel of beer and …

Music in works:

Karaoke setup courtesy of Tony De Renzo

Elvis Impersonator

Fisherman’s Wharf Pickup band

Mariachi band for hour or … ??

Pastel artist

Landscape artist painting people

Telegraph practice setup with whistles and Morse Code cards

Tours of my Eccentric toy store/Communications Network/library apartment

My good vibes

As always, RSVP by Rumor

Please bring people I forgot to invite …


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