Tech boss killing SCREAMS for Elected Police Chief and Total Overhaul


How many times did Bob Lee call 911 ?

How many other people called 911 ?

With the present white-wash collusion between dispatchers and SFPD and SFPOA you’re probably never going to know.

One of the smartest people I’ve ever known got as far as completion of Training for Dispatcher a decade or so back and was rejected.

He said the dispatchers would tell cops to go on cell phone if something happened they didn’t want recorded.

Gonna seize that data all around ?

SFPOA told their cops to do an on-the-job-slowdown long ago and they often don’t respond at all.

Now, POA figurehead boss, Tracy Mc Grady is the one releasing information to the Media !!??!!

She’s the fucking one who told them not to WORK !!!

Cops are rotten to the core by now and by ‘core’ I mean entire Senior Staff.

Chief Bill Scott hasn’t got a god damned clue what’s happening.

It is time for a change.

That Change is for a Charter Amendment to allow SF Voters to vote for Chief.

Then, the people can choose a hard-ass Reformer who can fire and replace the entire Command Staff.

Electing the Police Chief is not a new idea.

SF had an elected Top Cop back in the day.

Emeritus Sheriff Michael Hennessey (32 years best in Country) …

Hennessey showed me an old poster for a guy running for SF Police Chief.

Michael said we should go back to that and I agree and have pushed the idea since that time to absolutely no interest in Supervisors I’ve spoken to.

Know who favors it ?

The cops.

Even SFPOA successor bosses,Gary Delagnes and Marty Halloran are in favor of the idea.

They think their candidate would win.

Let’s be frank here …


The Mayor could put this Elected Police Chief on the ballot by herself.

It would be way way way too much power for her to give up w/out a fight.

6 members of the Board of Supes could put it on the Ballot.

Peskin’s Afraiders won’t touch it.

Maybe Musk or some of the other Techies can pay for a Ballot Petition ??


Let me go post that somewhere other than to my 20 readers.


Go Niners !!


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