Move Over Fentanyl—Tranq Is In Town • Report Refutes DPH’s Violation Gloss-Over • SF’s $780 Million Deficit • Elusive $Billion High-Speed Rail

We’re Serious About Local News

Xylazine was detected in 34% of all overdose deaths in Philadelphia in 2021. And it’s spreading.

Tranq — The New Drug Scourge

Fentanyl has a new rival

Tranq refers to a combo of fentanyl plus xylazine – an animal sedative and pain reliever used to calm horses and cattle before veterinary procedures.Although not approved for humans, xylazine is being mixed into other street drugs, resulting in a zombie-like daze, intractable overdoses, and rotting ulcerations of the skin and tissues.

by Dr. Derek Kerr

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