These photos are of Space Denny Carlin is gifting me for my B’day


Oh, I just get it for 5 hours this Saturday afternoon but what beauty !!

This will be the first serious party I’ve given in 46 years

Real mix of people

Have no idea what the Music will sound like beyond Tony de Renzo’s Elvis.

I know food will be best and my part is figuring out where the trash receptacles go and where can a bunch of drunks go to pee ??

Kinda like the Mayor …

Did a shot in my B’day suit for my yearly check on Decay process/

If there’s a popular demand I’ll publish last year’s and this.

And, maybe an 80th I hope cause I’m having fun.

Cause of all of you and Skippy.


See you Saturday …

Go Niners !!


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