$58 for Party plates, forks, spoons, napkins and two dollar tip


Meet ‘Mike Smythe’ who has been a silent benefactor of the Bulldog Network activities for about 20 years.

Mike, I was thinking of you when I plunked down that cash (used a $50 bill to impress pretty girls I’ve been flirting with at the Dollar Store on 16 for 9 years) …
Told her to keep the change and it was less than two dollars but sometimes I give them a fiver if I just got paid.

Toted by really festively loaded bags and everyone you pass on 16th knows you’re having a party and I stop and talk to Alex, an old vet who’s wearing some kind of Marine Corps hat and first time I met him he mocked the Chesa Boudin sign I was carrying and now we’re friends, go figure.

Stopped at Manny’s for cup of coffee which they gave me and Manny had come up to me earlier when I was doing some of my Permanent Volunteer (I carry picker and wear orange vest and half most places I go and in the morning I’ve added a scenic dog who bites but is loyal kinda like me only he’s cuter and looks like Hannibal Lecter in his black muzzle.

So, Manny can’t make the party cause he’s flying all over the place all the time while also running the Hottest Coffee House in America …

Marcus, the tall and straight as a rail 60’ish black dude who is Special as in Special ed. of which I was a proud teacher and never quit caring or acting …

So, he stopped to say he can’t come to the party while I was leaning on a trash can (great place to meet the neighborhood, picking up trash) …

I was talking to Mario, the Italian chef who lives in my building and has the fixings for spaghetti and will make the pasta depending on the crowd as the Party progresses …

So, thanks Mike.

I have a few hundred left for tomorrow !!

Go Niners !!


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