Another Elect our Top Cop post I’m repeating here


We people of the City and County of San Francisco can begging the ball rolling on Safer Streets by electing a Powerful New Police Chief who answers to us !!

Just in case the Post is too long.

And, don’t forget my party tomorrow.

Just come to the corner of 14th and Valencia and entry is at the American Flag.

I’ve done more service with that flag on my left shoulder than most of SFPD.

Here’s the post offered:

Techies helped cause the problem, The druggies and drunks and crazies have always been here. Artists too. They just all lived indoors. Problem, as I noted elsewhere is that we have a Figurehead Police Chief, a wishy-washy Mayor and an SFPOA telling its members to do as little as possible to avoid legal exposure. We need to convince 6 members of the BOS to put a Charter Amendment on the ballot to give we the Voters, the right to choose our own chief. Then, if they screw up it’s on us. Go Niners !! h.

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