Skippy got his Rabies Shot and Tag !!

Friends and Family,

You all helped in one way or another and here’s how it went.


I started feeding Skippy by putting his food dish in the back of the carrier on loan from the Cohens cause I didn’t think he’d go into it for the travel to the vet.

Also, I wasn’t sure he’d fit.


I filled my pockets with money from y’all.

Put and hundred and a fifty from Myke for the Vet and deposited the 175 from Brenda to cover meds and food and more.

I didn’t want to get on a bus w/out the Rabies tag and Skippy fighting the ‘cage’.

So, cab it had to be.


Skippy both fit in the carrier and welcomed it.

He had no reaction to the cab ride and only began to shiver when we got into the Vet’s place on Fillmore.

He’d been there before and he was terrified.

Probably remembered them talking about killing him.

We took the bus back (22 Fillmore to 16th and Mission 2 blocks from my crib).

What a relief.

When we got off the bus I took da dog outta the carrier and walked home.

Then, back all the way to 4550 Mission for legal pads and back down Mission to the Walgreens at 30th and Mission where the Vet had ordered the meds a few days before and now I had the cash.

They never heard of Skippy or me.

Emailled the Vet to ask if it was OK to use my eye meds on Skippy.

We’ll work it out.

I’m a worker bee and Skippy is a willing subject.

He has grown twice the hair he had when he arrived.

I faded from Walgreens to the Safeway next door and got big bag of dog food.

Skippy eats like he’s been in a concentration camp.

Not anymore.

First, I had great experience with the big bag of dog food.

I’d either pulled a muscle in my left hip or the joint is wearing out.

Thus, the limp that won’t go away.

I was trying to figure out how I’d get the dog food and the two shopping bags up 3 floors to my crib (I’d left Skippy at home) and when I reached the stairs ?

There was a gorgeous henna/brunette Social Worker standing there:

"Can I help you carry something ?"

She said that to my face.

"Here, take the dog food."

That’s how I replied.

Gotta avoid the stairs for a few days til parts arrive.

Now, Skippy and I are getting comfortable on our Trash Walks.

He pisses and shits and sniffs and tugs at the leash and leaps at some dogs.

Some other dogs leap at him.

I long for the day when he’ll be well enuff trained to go w/out a leash.

Like, Augie, but you don’t know Augie and he’s De Renzo’s and a role model.

For getting along with strange humans and other dogs.

Go Warriors !!


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