Dawg reporting on Parcel 36


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Will, Creely runs the show for Greenway and is the one after Monkey Brains. She’s careful about liability. She noted that tho it was her people who cut the locks but that, of course, she didn’t do it herself, her friends did. At that point a weatherbeaten guy behind her in row 3 started jumping in his chair with a big smile. 5 years ago Creely went to the Assessor’s Office to find out who owned the property and asked if the City was getting tax money from it. So, the Assessor started sending bills for 5 years to a dead address and when the tab reached $20,000 Monkey Brains paid it. This piece of land has been used as a Parking Lot for over 100 years, first for trains and now for cars. It’s fascinating as you see the 3 sides marking their territory for when it comes to trial or some kind of empowered hearing and the sides start showing why they should get first dibs. Guy whose huge condo development is opposite Monkey Brains has kept a huge dead and rusting crane parked on a piece of the lot adjoining his building which he also paved. Greenway’s Squatter’s Rights is a work in progress as they scatter wooden planter boxes at various points around the place. Monkey Brains paid ‘Creely’s taxes’ and tried to build a new gate and fence by Gomez Iron Works which is best in the City. I can see how this ends. It’s like three little dogs fighting over a big bone and someone (Creely) goes and tells the Assessor about the bone. Then, very large Developers grab the place and put some really really tall, ‘Scott Wiener’ Towers there. Go Warriors !! h.

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