Jesse, this is your contact information for Viet Nam Era Pension in SF

Hey guy,

You others, I got a couple of art books from Jesse who is another Viet Nam Era Vet who doesn’t look a day over 70 like me.


So anyway, here’s the Swords to Ploughshares contact info:

It’s like automatic man.

You just have to ask cause they won’t call and ask why you didn’t.

I get, I think, $587 a month five bucks more or less cause I forget.

Let me know you got this.

Then let me know what happens please.

And, say hello to Anise and are you a pair.

You sure look great together.

Much love,

h. brown


286 Valencia #26 (one bedroom units for mostly HUD-VASH Vets.

(415) 527-9993

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