Do you want to learn Morse Code ?


We might not get bombed back into the stone age in my limited years but it is pretty much certain in you or your children or grandchildren’s lives.

How to get picked out of the herd of humans moved into a corral to determine who get’s to go on forward with the Warrior class ?

Be the one who shouts out …

"I know Morse Code !!!"

So, we won’t have to go all the way back to the Stone Age.

With a wire to a tree and a little batter and a key …

We can still communicate at the speed of light after the Nuclear War.

Here’s link to an OM who reminds me of myself.

Except, he doesn’t know Morse Code and is planning to learn …

I bought a key online for 50 bucks and now I gotta get a transceiver or whatever.

We all need a bundled set like this somewhere in your family and at least a few people who know Morse Code.

I’ll keep you informed on this as my dog scratches at the carpet …

No problem, he then circles and lies down.

I’ve seen my grandpa’s hound dogs do that.

Dig a little hole in the dirt, circle and lie down in it.

Hmmm ??

Go Warriors !!


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