Manny’s ‘Sponsors’ watching Ammiano movie when I arrived for the Social

Jesus h. Christ !!

I’ll admit that one of the reasons I became a Sponsor at Manny’s was hoping to meet some age appropriate women.

Mostly, it was cause I was feeling guilty of sponging free lectures (no one turned away for lack of funds except by Jane Fonda far as I can figure( …

Anyway, thought there must be few worn denim hippie women.

Naw, nice people for sure but showing movies was what I did when I was trying to get the students to stop interacting, not to quiet people at a Social.

So, I wandered back out to Manny’s front where a young guy was softly playing and even more softly singing original melodies.

Took prime seat at 16th and Valencia’s best sidewalk level view.

Pretty German lady in picture below (Katherine from little town below Berlin) …

She noticed the artist whom she’d seen before as she walked by.

We talked til the artist paused for a break and as he headed by I called him over and said, "This lady is a fan of yours.".

He said he remembered her and I left them and went to stop outside on the Community Center’s deck to smoke a bowl and greet neighbors.

After nine years down the street I’m telling you, I know absolutely every friggin’ body worth knowing from the trash guys to the site-specific upper Mission homeless.

My dog, Skippy is getting to know them too.


Someone asked me if Boudin was gonna run for Mayor.

Anyone answer that one ?

Go Niners !!


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