David, please call me for comment on D-9 Supe race

And, the D-9 race is off !

Took david less than ten minutes to call me for comment on D-9 race.

Said he tried me at a 508 area code before and Petrellis via Twitter.

Bullshit, their low-rent editor put us in for a chuckle and I love it.

I took the opportunity to push my Forever Platform:

1. Elect our Police Chief
2. Put all Tents and Encampments on Treasure Island
3. Run a yearly Million Dollar Trash Lottery and give people one ticket for one hour
4. Change SF Voting Machines to Open Source counting code

Guy couldn’t remember single point when I asked him to repeat them.

Clearly he can be replaced by a much cheaper android.

Who will remember not just my number but everything that I ever did in my life.

Go Warriors !!


On Fri, May 12, 2023 at 3:00 PM h brown <hbrown41744> wrote:


It is poor form to lie in print.

Where I come from.

You never tried to contact me about the D-9 race.

Don’t say you did.

Contact me now for a comment.

It’s 3pm Friday.

h. brown
(415) 527-9993

Be sure to include your cell in case I get a scoop for you.

Go Warriors !!


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