Dawgs in War of Wills with Recology over Corner Trash Can


Ahhh, you can find drama in life from Sex to Trash.

I’ve been getting a lot of Trash.

But, Recology isn’t picking it all up.

There’s only one trash can at the intersection of 14th and Valencia and it is directly in my line of site from my station center of my triple bays.

I looked at trash overflowing that can and shit up and down the street for 8 years.

Now, I get bags from Manny’s Team and pick it up myself.

For the last month with my new best buddy, Skippy.

Last two days there has been no pick up at that trash can.

When it began to overflow after the first day, I started going down and picking up the overflow and putting it into the orange City bags.

Merchants called 311.

I called 311.

Abig garbage truck sped by as I waved my Trash tongs in the air.

Couple hours later an empty Recology pickup did same thing.

It’s just getting up to 5pm on Sunday evening and it has been a bright and sunny day after bunch of bad ones last week and the crowds are out.

So is their garbage.

I’ll take Skippy for another walk around dusk and will photograph or video tape whether they picked the shit up or not.

Think about 3 full big orange plastic bags full of trash spread all over the intersection of 14th and Valencia by a bunch of vagrants.

Could have that any time day or nite in the Mission.

Wonder why they’ve ignored our calls ??

Go Niners !!


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