So, filed for Mayor


So, would you have shot Banco Brown ?

Do you back Greenway or Monkey Brains ?

Does your dog nip at hot women you’re hitting on ?

And, first, a thanks to Recology for helping me get to know neighborhood merchants better.

As the trash bagged (me and my neighbors saw the overflow was handled neatly) …

When the line of bags got too bad this morning I went door to door to speak to the merchants as they opened and asked them to phone 311 and ask for pickup.

Couple hours later I phoned and best I could figure is that certain trash is no one’s responsibility.

After it overflows the barrel and bags are sat by the side unless they are bundled exactly perfectly, Recology’s drivers can just leave the stuff lying on the sidewalks and in the street.

It’s in their contract !!

Waiting for the sweeper ?

One drives under my window every single day and only waves.

A couple of people in orange vests on foot pushing barrels come under my windows too and ignore the trash barrel overflows.

"If it’s on the sidewalk it’s someone else’s job."

You ever get comments like that from City workers ?

The Recology drivers themselves are great guys when you talk to them.

Haven’t seen single woman working on one of their vehicles.

City should require that shit.

So, I just started picking the stuff up myself a couple of years ago.

When Manny’s got his project going I started getting bags and free black coffee from him and screaming out suggestions to his Crew Coordinators …

"Clarion Alley !!!"

"16th and Mission !!"

.Trash situation is like ten times better here in Northern Mission since Yekutiel got involved and he’s got some billionaires giving him a couple of million to spread the idea around the City.

I say that my original idea to entice Public Participation is by starting a Million Dollar Trash Lottery with one ticket for one hour’s work and I’m sure Musk would gladly put up the cash plus …

Anyway, it’s a great idea, like moving the Tents to Treasure Island, runs into some deeply entrenched special interests.

Like, the Mafia when you talk garbage just about anywhere in America.

And, the slime trail of Darius Anderson on TI.

Pulled Mayoral papers and went up to the Clerk’s office for agendas and there was big guy coming down the hall toward me from about a hundred feet and my eyes are getting bad and I didn’t have my glasses on.

I haven’t seen a confident stride like that since ‘Magnificent Seven’.

I made a joke as he approached …

"You look like a gunfighter coming this way."

He briefly began to laugh but the smile froze on his lips and he quickly became brusque and somehow cold and unfriendly when he saw who it was.

Some of my wifes used to act that way.

I tried to push my elected Top Cop idea to him as I’d done once before and once again he brushed me off …

"Call my office and make an appointment."

"I have to be in a meeting of Rules Committee."

I checked my watch, five to ten and it starts at ten.

Went into Chambers and only two people there.

Senior City Hall guide who sneered when Matt Dorsey mentioned Chris Daly’s name …

They had a twenty minute or so agenda and before they started I went to the rail and talked to Dorsey about how I’d always wondered what side he’d be on if he weren’t a mouthpiece for da Man and Dennis Herrera.

Lamented that he came out on wrong side in my estimation but assured him that I still thought he was a esteemable person, altho with terribly twisted values.

We laughed and agreed and fellow announced Mayoral candidate, Asha Safai arrived nineteen minutes late to the twenty minute meeting I asked if he was busy on his Mayoral campaign instead of here at committee.

He said that I was right but we were all joking but not really so if you get my hang.

I took mike in Public Comment on nominees to Sheriff’s Oversight Committee and encouraged that the new group have their meetings in City Hall because they were certainly important enuff.

I kinda stumbled into about a 5 minute interview with John Arnts, Director of elections and came right out and asked him how much it would cost me to fire him if I were elected Mayor.

"It doesn’t work that way."

Yeah, I’ve been watching from a distance, right ?

When the Elections Commission (majority appointed by Mayor) considered not renewing your contract your first response was …

"It’s because of Open Source isn’t it ?"

You can correct me with exact wording, John but I believe that’s pretty much exactly what you said more or less.

Bottom line is that the Mayor can certainly ‘fire’ you just as Willie did 2 or 3 of your Predecessors within 2 years to do illegal things like order couple million extra ballots to put in storage just in case you might need them (not now – Dominion machines do all the work now and you don’t need to dump ballots from fishing boats up and down the nearby seacoast – a bar in Stinson Beach had couple nailed overhead) …

Mayor used to appoint all members of Elections Commission til Gonzo gave Supes a minority representation …

Thing is, if just one of Mayoral appointees on any of these bodies …

Board of Appeals

Elections Commission

Planning Commission


others …

If one of the Mayoral appointees goes rogue for reasons of conscience, they can dump your ass.

Impossible on Treasure Island.

Matt forgot and Breed appoints all 5 sitting members.

She also appoints all members of the island’s CAB (Citizens Advisory Board) so there ain’t no air between Room 200 and every single move in the use of Treasure Island.

Watched a reply of their May10th meeting and it was first time I’ve seen Bob Beck in 15 years and last time I saw him it was at a meeting of island residents of which my son and his family were among.

Beck began the meeting this way …

"No videos or photos or audio recordings are allowed."

Public meeting ??

He went on further and as goddess is my witness I’ve never heard a more arrogant comment from a meeting chair …

"You are not allowed to take notes either."

"We will take notes and condense them to the most important parts of the meeting and make them available to you."

I asked Dorsey at the Rules meeting what he thought of electing our Police Chief.

He hemmed and hawed.

I told him that past POA presidents, Gary Delagnes and Marty Halloran thought it was a good idea.

I get it.

They figured their guy would win and that would cut the Mayor out of the Town Cop equation.

Never did get and answer and Waltham simply gave me a dirty look and hit the door running as they used to say at Mckinley High ins South St. Louis.

More about that later.

That’s enuff about me today.

How are things going with you ?

Ohhh, sorry, we’re outta time.

Go Niners !!


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