Dawg 2 (Skippy) and I awoke to Clean curbs from Santa’s Mini Curbe Job


First things first before the day really began.

It was almost as if someone with great power had read my column yesterday about watching the City’s Mini-Curb sweeper speed by in middle of street …

I want you to note with the pic facing North that the City did the bike lanes First Class in front of our Quaker and Greek Orthodox school neighbors.

Raised concrete islands between street traffic and cyclists at curb.

Kids can get out of their vehicles where they step right onto the couple foot wide divider directly into the hands of school staffer who checks bike lane they must cross for cyclists.

Space in atween that island and the actual sidewalk in front of the school is way too narrow to accommodate a regular size DPW truck.

So, they have these neat mini sweeper that are just about twice the size of one of those riding office building floor scrubbers and polishers.

I have no doubt that due to the fact that between them the congregations of the two Private Schools must contain a couple of thousand sober voters.

Shame that after bringing in that kind of firepower, they seldom use them for what the fuck they were purchased to do.

Naw, maintenance guy up at the School uses a polluting leaf blower to blow the bike lane in front of the school clean and I get out there with an old fashioned broom and box dustpan.

Today it was all different.

You can see how clean the machine get’s the job done.

Y’all have a good Tuesday.

I’ve gotta pick up my military issue green heavy Field Jacket from Patrick’s Cleaner/tailor shop at Guerrero and Duboce where I had em attach another Navy Unit Patch, this one for the U.S.S. Enterprise and I’ll tell you stories about being a St. Louis City Projects kid from a family where we counted the slices of bologna amongst us to a ship with 5 chow halls open 24 hours a day with the best food I’d ever eaten.

Plus, when the aircraft were on the Flight Deck there were a half dozen basketball courts marked out on lower deck and ship was so stable you could have great games.

More later,


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