Mandelman, Safai and Calvin Welch bend over for developers over Hippies


I think Safai was gone by time I posted below photo.

He only rushed in upon order of a rep of the developer and Mayor Breed’s attempt to take away a truly religious location for everyone who ever dreamed of getting the fuck out of Peoria or St. Louis or lotta New York.

Lotta New York and Texas in City Hall here.

Where was I when I interrupted myself ?

I was watching City Hall and admiring the sartorial and sardonical upgrades in Supervisor Chan’s game when in comes Mayoral Candidate Asha Safai showing you why he is a bought man who will, for instance agree to add his voice against the promised ‘Transitional Aged Youth’ (non-profit, Safai and Mandelman both pointed out that the City could make money off the space instead of putting in a non-profit serving Youth from all over the world running from rape and murder and exploitation and toward love and hope and art and music and being a hippie in San Francisco …

Yeah, that’s what Safai rushed out to oppose the use of.

I shit you not, here’s what he said (while reading the sheet of his talking points – having been around the block I already knew he was going to use the key words, ‘Community and Children and Seniors’ …

He opens with …

"I know that this project is not in my district."

"I don’t know anything about this project because it just came to my attention."

Well, mr DipShit, this project has been in the news constantly for a couple of decades.

It was amazing how many legalistic details you were suddenly able to craft out into questions revolving around the words …


What you really mean is …


We got your message.

Got it when Mandelman said it too.

And, I think there might have been on at Public Comment.

Anyway, two In-Developer-Pocket supes and a plant looking to …

"Now, Head the Transitional Aged Youth Use away from Haight at the Park !!!"

Yeah, hiding behind kids and seniors and ‘community’ they’re hiding their Reverse-Aegist hate of free and independent and sexual dope-smoking fiends who do mind bending drugs and NOT in the New and Gentrified Haight !!

Sad shit, really.

So, takeaway from watching today’s Items #3 and #4 on the Agenda of the Board of Supes Budget and Finance Committee where Chair Chan saw through all their shit and when Mandelman voted Against putting TAY on the Ground Floor on Ground Zero of where a million youth have scraggled in looking for a place to connect.

Didn’t they think to mention that this was the old site of the MacDonald’s at the Foot of Haight AT Golden Gate Park?

Just at the crest of the wonderfully carpeted green grass that sloped down easily to a pond where you could go wading if you didn’t mind puncturing you feet with a thousand heroin needles.

The pond is a hundred foot or so irregular oval with vegetation and there is a path circling about that leads into a true ‘hippie acid tunnel’ where lotsa trippin’ young people who now run governments once came chasing freedom and a dream.

So, that’s what 730 Stanyan if for Mayoral Candidate Safai’s sake.

So, anyway, what the developers are fronting on behalf of the Mayor’s Office that only wants to fuck Supervisor Preston just as hard as they can …

This is the Mayor once again turning on her own people.

She grew up in THE Hippie Neighborhood in the world.

She grew up with small neighborhood storefronts giving out services to kids straggling in from all over the world.

Those people are still there !!!

And, they look it.

No, wait.

I meant no offense to them looking my age but to their dress.

All, in traditionally non-traditional clothing.

Finally, their supervisor was getting them a place to welcome Transitional Aged Youth (that’s the present surviving organizations’ acronym)



And, now, her minions and her what is it, the NEW tndc banker who replaced 30 year Builder of tndc, Don Falk …

Now, they want no more Hippie Youth from around the world to find a respite on San Francisco’s dime !?!

Falk wudda never stood for that shit, Breed’s right about that one.

So, Safai, for a guy who just learned about the thing before he entered the door keeps reading the papers just handed to him as to explain what the fuck he’s doing dragging his ass off the campaign trail to someone else’s committee hearing to intrude upon another supervisor’s district and development …

Well, I’ve lost track of this cause I actually edited out some bad shit and lost my place.



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