Dawg shaves, showers, puts on clean clothes and get’s stood up … again ??


That’s two or three times this has happened far as I remember.

That could be a part of the problem.

I run across lots of ladies but it’s a bitch trying to find a niche date.

I mean, how many women are into conversations that range from the Rapture compared to Singularity on to the Niners questions at Offensive Left Tackle on over to Open Source voting algorithms and that new, ‘Out Patient’ hip replacements ??

Just watched evening news and it closed with an encouraging shot of Florida teens standing in front of their hurricane wrecked homes smiling and singing about why they still have hope …

Song playing in background is Meatloaf’s, ‘I can see Paradise by the dashboard’

Ahhh, Drive-in movies always did ‘give rise’ to hopes …

Go Niners !!


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