Adjusting body for easy maintenance as I grow less agile


No way Breed goes to Public Comment in UN Plaza.

It’s a Peskin stunt to check water for Mayoral run.

Back to topic …

Head to toe I’m dialing in my body for easy maintenance.

Tried shaving head for few months just because.

Too much trouble.

Grew hair out again last couple months.

Too much trouble.

Middle ground and lowest maintenance is Zero Buzz by self monthly.

Down to feet cause have appt. with Podiatrist this Friday.

Doctor Goodman and she’s great.

Been trying to get them to remove nail on deformed toe for a bit and got it approved but so far no surgery.

With more blood to my feet my ischemic blisters (dying flesh from lack of oxygenated blood) … won’t lose toes.

Pulled muscle trying to cut my toenails couple months ago and wondering if VA has voucher for getting pro to do it.

Eyes are cool with contacts and new glasses (reading and road) from VA.

Teeth are 27 plastic and 3 with no cavities I know about and others with old Navy fillings from Norfolk 60 years ago need crowns but Dr. White says, ‘no’.

I’ll keep going on that one.

I have a daily pill for allergies and another for throat condition that can kill.

3 vitamins and 8 doses of non-narcotic Pain mgmt Gabapentin which my dog also has his own scrip for his nerves.

Deteriorating spine supported by triple back brace.

Have to get on my knees to pick anything up which I address with tongs at couple spots in apt and trash tongs for that endeavor.

Have first physical therapy session next month and want x-rays before so I don’t aggravate bad hip joints and pull more muscles.

I’m told they can do a hip joint replacement surgery as out-patient now and be walking within hours ?

My pop had bad hip joints and I inherited his frame (works good for labor).

There’s more but modern chemistry masks it.

Gotta quit and post this just before Full Board so’s I can say ‘I told you so.’ when Breed doesn’t show for the Peskin show.

Go Niners !!


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