Mayor showed up !!


Wrong again.

It was kinda a reverse of a Niners after game interviews where the coaches and players take times going to the mike and you can barely hear a word of any of the press questions which makes comments from podium useless.

At Board in UN Plaza today you could not hear the hecklers who broke the thing up before Mayor Breed could answer Peskin’s hostile questions.

Board President Pekin (thrice) quickly adjourned the meeting when the Mayor said she couldn’t answer because the Plaza crowd they want to reform acted out to prove the point that both Peskin and Breed are massive failures.

Aaron has been a powerful political player in this town for almost a quarter of a century and things have never been worse in the street no matter what the lying cops numbers say.

Breed has been at this since Willie put her on a Bond Oversight Committee to approve cost-overruns (Willie called the voter approved Bond money … "Just a downpayment – but not on ballot … look at Rose Pak’s Subway) …

They’re failures, the both of em and I’d like to see someone else run for Mayor.

Maybe Chesa Boudin

Matt Gonzalez

Harvey Rose

Ben Rosenfeld

Mike Hennessey

Dean Preston

Art Agnos

Funny thing is that they didn’t have to shut down the meeting.

You could barely hear the crowd Breed bailed on.

You could hear her and Peskin fine.

She could have answered his question which was basically …

"Are you finally going to do your job?"

Naw, she wouldn’t take part and I’m wondering if the crowd wailers weren’t plants to give her reason to bail ?

That’s me alright, often wrong but never silent.

Wonder if Mayor will still be there when they reconvene at da Dome ?

Rolled up $40 in quarters and deposited them this morning so’s my Manny’s membership recurring cash is cool.

Last month was all about my birthday and ended up to this day costing a well worth it 2 grand or so and it was great time and still is but my bank acct. is now back to normal which is gonna maybe have 5 bucks left but all bills paid and full pantry and dope dish.

Board’s back …

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