Yuval Harari says that LANGUAGE is the Operating System of Human Civilization that AI has just hacked


I want to search out Noam Chomsky’s latest thoughts here.

I heard him earlier describe AI as sophisticated, "plagiarism" which doesn’t give it any credit for being really dangerous.

I mean, Chomsky is the World’s Leading Expert on Language, right ?

But, I was correcting something I wrote earlier when quoting Yuval Harari (I repeat these names for memorization) …

I quoted Harari’s explanation about AI having, "hacked" the operating system of Human Civilization without noting that what AI has hacked is …


It knows them all already and for all we know is already searching them all for a way to better fake, "Suffering" …


Banko Family Rep, Josh Rios says Family wants NO MONEY !!!


One of the most important thing I heard at Joe Eskenazi’s Panel Discussion moderation on the Banko Brown killing was that the family of Banko Brown wants no money …

Speaking from the back of the crowded assembly room at Manny’s which has seen such an already massively large Memory Bank …

Guy named, Josh Rios …

"I just spoke to the mother and the family wants everyone to realize that they reject any monetization of Banko Brown’s name."

Well, god dammmnnned !!

Whoever heard of something like this not ending in some kind of a big monetary settlement?

That’s on my Dawg video and I’ll dig out the frames if you doubt it.

Hats off to that family for not letting any displays of Greed to besmirch Banko’s Memory which so far includes a fight in the church at the funeral over his casket as to who get’s to claim to be his mom.

Then, again, maybe he was just talking about ‘T’ shirts.

That discussion over let’s not talk about Parcel #36 which is starting to rival, ‘Waterhole #3′ fightin’ turfs.

Go Niners !!


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