Best set ever saw of this guy


‘Honest Injun’ as they said 78 years ago.

Friend came by my house yelling:

" C’mon, you should see this crazy guy playing on Park Avenue ! "

Park Avenue was single lane place full of dive bars and an auto scrap yard and Family Doctor and drug store on corner and Jerry Lee Lewis at, I’d guess, around 19 was hammering away on his Pentecostal Piano.


Go Niners !!


This Open Source article opens with quote from Joseph Stalin


Lex Fridman says Stalin created conditions in Eukraine in which over 8 million people starved and his grandparents told stories of people resorting to cannibalism and eating their children.

Stalin also said:

"I don’t care how the people vote."

"All that matters is who counts the vote."

We’re in that situation now in San Francisco and there’s a very easy way to get out of it and for Arntz to keep his job and get an extra two years for a total of 7 years.

Give us Open Source Voting NOW !!!

We have waiting for Arntz to do this for 20 years !!!

The ‘Stalin’ piece …–how-e-voting-should-be-done.html


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