Joe Charles always parked his giant Cadillac in Front of h. brown’s


Here’s the only recording that exists of Joe playing free (and under ideal circumstances) which he rarely did and only if it just organically happened. We were setting up to record in Premier studio (where Marlin Perkin’s Wild Kingdom was filmed) when Joe, the pianist and bassist just fell into something initially. Fortunately the mics were already set up from the day before so I only literally had to run to the engineer booth and tell him to roll tape. It’s a rather extraordinary piece of free improv imo w/ some very interesting and spontaneous developments and orchestration. Reminds me of the space the house band got into once when it got so wildly raucus, taking on a life of it’s own, that I stopped playing I was laughing so hard and the trumpet player (black guy .. Bruce?) became so unglued that I had done so since he was in a real panic clinging to ‘the beat’ for dear life that he came over frantically yelling at me to PLAY!! … just PLAY!! … causing me to laugh even more uncontrollably to which he then grabbed one of my sticks and started wailing on my snare.. like that was going to stop the merry go round so he could get off.

Nearly fell off my stool.

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD” Isa1:18

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h. brown for Mayor – Treasure Island


Just read Redmond’s terrific piece on hardships vis a vis deathrate amongs poor caused by sweeps.

I’m repeating for the umpteenth time that there is room on Treasure Island.

Here’s a video Tony De Renzo and our dogs, Augie and Skippy took of the island this week.

Plenty of room and we already have the emergency toilets and showers all mobile.

Please give this idea some legs.

Because it will work.

Call it, ‘Ground Zero’

Or, ‘Square One’ (probably taken)

The idea is not crazy.

Not considering it is.


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