Mayor ducks in to see a favorite appointee


Lord, lord, lord London sure appoints lots of people to lots of places.

Hetch-Hetchy to the Tenderloin she sends in the troops.

Herrera replaces Willie’s engineer whom I thought was never accused of anything.

And on and on to Manny who has taken San Francisco by storm and been appointed to the Small Business Commission (great viewing) and now to the MTA board.

There’s nothing really to say here cause I promised Manny earlier in the day when I passed him coming back from a concrete and painting early morning thing in Clarion Alley …

Promised Manny I wouldn’t ask the Mayor any hard questions.

None at all.

Manny asked the crowd to say out loud what they like most about SF and it was that kind of thing.

I have a reputation for asking hard questions but they’re really pretty straightforward to a particular issue that the Public has right to know.

I asked the Fire Chief why she refused to live in the Fire Chief’s house.

Built to honor a hero chief killed in the ’06 quake.

Best in World said chiefs who indeed came from around the world for its opening.

Every chief lived there til Hayes-White who lived in Daly City which was just as well because she was only a chauffeur/Buggy boy/clerk typist which isn’t bad thing but let’s see her on a fire ground with twenty or thirty guys inside a burning structure.

Enuff of that.

Asked Herrera and Chiu who were there together how much they finally paid Joanne Hoeppner whose reputation Herrera assassinated for a decade and it could have been half a mil but ended up 5 to 7.

After a lovefest for the crowd much as the gathering tonight I popped that question to them as they came off stage and headed out.

Chiu immediately threw his just a minute ago buddy, Dennis under the bus.

"That happened in the last administration?:

If I’d asked Breed something tonight it would have been:

"Madam Mayor, as a lasting Legacy to the City would you use your power to put on and fully support a Charter Amendment giving the power to choose our Police Chief back to the People."

Instead of being a toadie for Room 200 and the POA we could choose a real Reformer a; la Chesa Boudin over at DA.

Doctors appointments went well.

One doctor stuck his finger up my ass and said that he thought my prostate gland was a bit enlarged but that was normal.

Then, he went and got his boss and she did the same except she had me lie up on a table in the fetal position instead of bending me over the exam surface.

Reminded me of my conversation with Lisa whose last name I don’t know this morning at Clarion.

She and her Co-Manager administer the murals in the Alley.

I’ve done lots of volunteer work there over the last year or so cleaning and filling pot holes and the like and painting some curbs.

I’d seen the lady around but never thought much about her.

First time she asked me to stop filling urine puddles with concrete.

Hey, cudda asked London to pave the friggin’ place as I do every day purt near thru her Aide, Sean Elsbernd whom I’ve known since before the Giants won in 2010 and back to Class of 2000.

Cudda asked her to put toilet units in front of the Cop shop across the street from Clarion and please dump that Captain … sucker came in here with an attitude and lobbied for building another wall around the Mission Station,, I guess with slots for rifles.

There’s that ….

Bottom line is that I practice my own version Hippie religion and we have no priests or dues or wars to fight …

I believe like Shakespeare that the World is indeed a stage and I’m playing the character of h. brown as an old man and loving it.

Confronting da Mayor just wasn’t in my script today.

Altho, I am nearly finished and ready to submit my Petition to Recall Mayor London Breed.

No offense, girl.

It’s Criminal Justice Reform I’m after.

Go Niners !!


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