Dawg incompetent in passing Patrick Monette-Shaw’s Laguna piece


Just scroll down past my attempts and a couple of columns to catch Patrick’s piece from West Side Observer.

The type size is so small there it’s tough to read but when I copied it to my email it came out normal size and I tried to pass it on in the more convenient form.

Know why I kept trying to do that for you ??

Cause that’s the kinda guy I am.


Love to use that line and for it to be true.

I have become the kind of old man that I wanted to be.

More Noam Chonsky and Spencer Tracy and Mother Theresa.

Who, nevertheless, speaks fluent, ‘Sailor’ and often.

Dog I’m watching, Henry, blew out a hole in center of left eye in which he was already almost blind day before I got here.

Just heavy pressure and blood and all spurted out and I have a salve and drops for that which is kinda like all the antibiotics and bandages I’ve had to do hands too.

We both take painkillers for bad backs and creak around.

Thank God the place has huge grounds alone and abutts a couple of hundred acre cow pasture.

We can walk as far as we want and hang on a golf putting surface lawn for entertainment to large concrete deck and surface of moon where pool was a pretty big garden (huge by SF standards) …

Cows literally come over to the Cohens home in the later afternoon and early evening for the shade of enormous bush like things with a thousand little birds.

Gotta figure out how to rig a papoose thing outta my duffle bag and carry him thataway?

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