So, I cooked up some honey like heroin for Henry Ira Cohen


Anyone with any love in their heart who has had a pet and watched it suffer and die as must we all has run into the trouble of how the hell do you get them to take their medicines ??

My question this morning after exhausting everything I could think of other than duct taping the little fucker and pouring the shit down his gullet like I’m waterboarding him.

You’ve considered that, right ??

Naw, it would look bad on my pet sitting resume.

What’s going on here is that I’m up in the country watching my buddy, henry, the dog in his 16th year and with many of the same physical problems besetting myself.

Both of us have considered offing ourselves when the pain gets too bad and by California State law, we both can.

Well, maybe you think animals don’t commit suicide ??

I watched a pigeon in St. Louis stand over the crushed body of its mate in the road and I took the body in and put it in a box and set it in the grass alongside the curb and the grieving pigeon went right over as I left to gaze over the deceased.

When I passed the next morning on my walk, the surviving pigeon was lying crushed in the road a few feet from the box.

Buried them together in the box in Tower Grove Park across street.

A politician friend of mine had an ancient dying cat who dragged itself up three floors in the hall a couple of times and just sat looking down at the sidewalk.

We all thought it strange and brought it back.

Third time up it jumped and killed itself.

Henry just wanders around gingerly on his tiny feet with his severely deformed spine arching like a little camel hump, staring in confusion at everything.

He’s looking for something ?

He’s looking for himself.

Very sad but we all go and right now I want to figure out a way to get his 5 medications into his body in the ways most acceptable to him and easiest for me.

Worst med is a hard white pill (50 mg NSAID) that you put in this little round tab guillotine that cuts it into pieces.

Then, you mix the particles in two small scoops of cream cheese and you end up with wondering how much got inside him and how much all over you and the small towel he’s wrapped in for the procedure.

You’d think treating his recently exploded small spot in eye I’m told squirted blood as he screamed in mid-night pain.

A salve and drops for that and he tolerates it well on both counts.

Kept trying to figure out better way to get the NSAID into him when I noticed he’d done a pretty series series of healthy hard stool turds near his bed and they were indeed healthy and about 5 of them and it hit me that the little bugger is gaining weight cause I’m giving him so many options to take his meds with and he just separates them best he can and what’s another way ??

What do I like best ?

Raw honey.

Put some on end of butter knife.

Loves it !!

Tried to pull knife outta my hand.

How to mix it with the NSAID ?

As an experienced San Franciscan I immediately thought of watching junkies cook their shit in a spoon to make it liquid then putting it into a syringe and injecting it.

I did same with half tablespoon of honey and poured it over the NSAID dust which I’d ground down using wooden handle of knife for pestal …

Mixed it thoroughly with his fave wet food and stood back to watch.

Sniffed it, looked back and me and walked away.

So, waterboarding it is then huh, Henry ??

Half dollar is up there and highlighted along with the chair that swallowed it and an exacto knife yesterday evening and I spent at least an hour going all over the house looking for my birthyear half dollar from new friend, Charles of Clarion Alley.

Long story.

Suffice to say that I’ve been at just taking our meds for 3 hours.

Includes hunt tor silver dollar.

Anyone got contact info for Gil Duran ??

Go Niners !!


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