Favorite Quotes on a rainy Sunday morning at the Cohens vacant house Sonoma estate with cows and an old dog watching me write … Thought I’d list some of these … In dedicating a 5th grade math book 150 years ago a guy named, ‘Sir Isaac Hogben’ advised the students that: “Even the most brilliant intellect is a prisoner within their own cultural heritage.”


Hell of a thing to say to an 11 year-old but that’s the English for you.

Two quotes or derivatives thereof that I live my life by and continually flash upon when I get stuck on something during the day …

Cent est pur Dieux’ which, for me (a frenchman who perches at lower Dolores Park said it must be Canadian expression) …

Means, ‘One hundred is for God’ which I say to myself when i find myself spending too much time at a task.

It is from some french class where the teacher told the story of the teacher telling a story about not wasting time trying to get something perfect because when the student got 98 on a test where they got everything correct adn asked the teacher to explain the teacher replied that ’98 was for the perfect student and 99 was for the perfect teacher and 100 is for God, or …

Cent est pur Dieux

Might not even exist in language but I’ve saved many an hour by having it pop into my head when I’m trying to get a corner of crumbling curb painted to full coverage to withstand the thousand streams of urine that will wash over it underneath the fine murals.


Other phrase that saves me time …

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’

Don’t know who said that one but by adapting it and repeating it every ten minutes or something as I age it makes my life easier because I’m forever stopping in the middle of a more complex task and returning instruments be they work tools or writing, to their own places when I realize I will not need them to complete the rest of the task.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to find them quickly which is gonna happen anyway even when you have everything so you keep buying duplicate cork screws and cigarette lighters and scissors and staplers and magic markers …

I try to keep only the tools and parts I have not yet used around me and I use the floor alot cause I live alone and that’s helluva nice big bulletin board …

So, those two quotes and here’s another one that might be more important than both of them …

"Just keep moving is the most important thing."

When you’re stuck at a task and waiting to remember the next step for too long, just tell yourself to, ‘Keep Moving!’ (exclamation points are always personally optional) …

Go to the next thing in your day that you know must be done as part of the task and that you can remember like walking to the garage to get a part or tool or giving the dog his meds or getting rid of things from fridge or vacuuming for ten minutes or dusting a set of dog statues (don’t ask) …

Don’t be a perfectionist.

Keep your shit organized.

Stay on task.

That’s about it and practice, practice, practice it cause ‘practice makes perfect’ and you’ll need all of these things to be habitual which means you do them w/out thinking which will come in handy as you become less able to think.


Niners got a friggin’ bye week ?

Gotta watch Rams or another NFC West opponent

Go Warriors !!


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