Dawg guesses next BOS prez is Matt Dorsey


Hey, Jimmy Sutton and the boys are still running things behind the scene far as I know and the pattern by which they brought David Chiu from swearing in as a member of the BOS and becoming their prez was just hours.

Same with Dorsey

Who else the new Mod Majority gonna go for ??

Safai is reactionary enuff but he’s got those Union ties.

Stefani is a nervous climber who’d run all over Mod Mouse, Mandelman.

Just looking ahead.

Dorsey is a perfect BOS hack for Downtown.

He get’s along with everyone.

Hell, he once bought me a ticket to wear a number in either a marathon or a 10k I forget but I got the number but missed running with him.

If you still run, Matt, don’t look me up.

If you’re reduced to walking or don’t mind it, I’m there for 90 minutes mornings over top of Dolores Park and back down 20th to Castro and back to 14th and Valencia.

Congrats, by the way, Matt.

We live in interesting times.

Go Niners !!


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