If I had my way I’d have married them all for 50 years and probably still will when all is said and done


Feeling great at just past 4:20 am and a couple of Gabapentin for pain after 6 hours with nothing and feeling it and my third daily 100 mg of Sildenafil (generic Viagra) which doesn’t do much sexually but forces circulation all the way to the tips of my toes and fingers which otherwise starve from lack of oxygenated blood cells and flake away in blisters/ulcers atop my toes a couple of dozen times but they’re all healed now and the Mayo Clinic treatment says that if it is Arnaud’s disease that I should take 100 mgs of the Sildenafil daily until I die and they cite trials where they gave this treatment and it reduced the attacks of Raynaud’s and reversed symptoms completely which it did in my case.

Gotta make my case to a Rheumatologist or two the 21 st which is just over a week and 6 days since I’ll have had my last 100 mg tab of Sildenafil.

Of course, the growing plaque in my left ventricle could ice me at any time as could my Barrett’s or something associated with my cirrhosis.

Five years ago I couldn’t spell any of these things.

My point ?

I’m legitimately at 78, two years past my ‘shelf life’ (came thru me) …

I’m old enuff to look back on my life and count the 33 women who were the inspiration for it all and the 27 years I shared a bed with one or the other of them and I was even married to 4 of those.

I’m looking back now thru the added lenses of listening to Lex Fridman lately and Einstein’s Eternal mathematics and infinite recurrence and realizing that I CAN have it all and probably will and the same goes for you.

I often think when December 13th rolls around every year that if I’d remained married to the mother of my children that we’d be celebrating out 55th Wedding Anniversary this year …

But, if I’d have remained married to Landgstadt (Mary) it would have been 56 years and with Welek 57 but with Micotto it would have been our 60th ???

I only met Alioto in 1980, so we’d be celebrating our 42nd.

With the dancer it would be 22 years and counting.

‘Counting’ with all of them.

How many children and grandchildren with each and what would those hundreds be doing ?

Sure, given Einstein’s infinity of mathematics and Finman’s Eternal Love it’s all possible if you mix in a little Shakespeare I’ll meet up with them all in another time and dimensional and even be still married to all of them in the Present in some variation thereof ??

Isn’t that the kind of thing you think about at 4:45 am on a Sunday morning ??

Go Niners !!

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