ML as ‘Last man standing’ taking stupid hits.

One person defended Jenkins in an ML comment by saying that ML had never "given her a chance".

Laugh along on that one.

In fact, ML was the only one who gave her a chance because they are they only ones who hadn’t been passed the word last year about this time that the lying, back-stabbing criminal records thief and under-the-table bribe taker for lying …

Mission Local was the only consequential outlet that had not been told in advance by their management that Brooke Jenkins, despite the moral/ethical/law breaking mess she is …

Brooke is going to be the new DA after we dump Boudin with ten million bucks of lying advertising in lowest turnout election possible.

Hey, the fuckers are smart.

Not Noam Chomsky or Len Finman smart, but, smart.

Only Trump kept them from installing their own states-attorneys-generals in every Electoral College swing state.

Don’t think of me giving a twerp like Jenkins a little shit and that she is the End All of what affronts this old dawg.

This shit is at least a Nation Billionaires Cabal united to destroy Democracy by installing their own flunkies at the significant Levers of Power.

Other comment supporting Jenkins by 7am musta been done by a bot cause it took a feed that said: "DA Jenkins" and assumed it was a man and went from there.

Point is …

Hang in there Mission Local !!


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