Why this guy thinks all Electronic voting sucks and what is ‘Hackthon’


Shot of my boy, Dennis Herrera whom I love dearly but who still owes Joanne Hoepner an apology will be my last video of any kind for awhile.

I’m over the limit for even photographic storage for my camera.

Soon’s I started taking pics this happened.

First, WordPress made me lay out $180 of Navy money for a year.

Then, Google of all people hit me for something like two bucks a month?

Now, can’t take any more photos and stuff em in my camera.

That means I’m getting too big for the britches I been wearing.

I’m not even to video and this is going on.

Maybe Becky Cohen can help ?


My film areas have been ready for videos for a year.

Just need a techie by my side for a few days.

Or, even one day ?

We’ll see.

Anyway, I’d only been in the world of basic photos for couple of months and I have that to remember.

Not that I can’t work with my friends and get this web site turned into a Pod Cast …

Unless easy electricity goes away.

The easy attack on the Sub Station in North Carolina is just a mini example of what the Russians are doing in Ukraine and rolling blackouts in Texas of all places.

I’m like a caveman who just crawled out of a cave where he was writing with a rock to both meet and experience and then lose the tools.


I’m an old Hippie and I’ve done the best most of the time to make things better preaching about Population Control and Survival Training as an Optional Course in every school at EVERY level.

I can go back to passing on the best that I’ve gleaned from my 78 years with an Underwood typewriter and a garage mechanical press.

Or, orally which my friends can sadly sometimes express, I do non stop as a genetic affliction anyway.

Let’s look for threads that matched my losing ability to take and relay pics …

Now, I take a pic of Junior Brown and it posts fine ?

Anyway, time for me to ride Fast Forward or Slow Back I think.

This occurred as Garoppolo got hurt and the ‘Last Draft Choice’ got his chance and brought home a Niner victory.

Let’s see what he does next week.

Maybe I’m gonna get my first Pod Cast ?

I’m as interesting as any of those out doing that gig.

And, I have more compelling stories of contacts with an intelligent and, for me, interactive power beyond normal human capacities that can arrange complicated occurrences fast as you can dial a phone and shit like that.

Gotta keep in practice with my fucking ‘Sailor Talk’ or it will die and be burned in the corner 55 gallon drum along with baskets of pronouns.

Damn, I like that picture.

That an ‘allusion’ for sure and is it idiomatic at all call I speak much in idioms … a ‘metaphor’ …

burning language ‘threads’ like ‘Sailor Talk’ it to lose a tool to describe every almost mother fucking close male friend I’ve known and many girls


There are lots of idioms in obscenities I’m just told by one of those ‘thought voice overrides’ that are smarter than me but pause long enuff sometimes for me to record them.

Where was I …

OK … Last Place Pick in NFL Draft get’s chance

Probably just one guy with one gun was able to cut power to 50 thousand people for a week.

So, Power loss in NC can equate to my loss of pic posting capacity for a time.

Purdy can be equated to me getting a reset.

When my camera stopped working was last night when I tried to photograph the crowd that did show up to see the Police Chief at Manny’s last night and he was a no-show too and I think I wrote and posted that last evening.

That’s the thing now that I can still type and post text which is all I did for first 78 years of my life …

Not a big loss of territory there.

Long as I can do that there’s a chance that I could get the other elements together and like, Purdy, get my breakout opportunity.

Maybe interviewing Dennis Herrera and Matt Gonzalez together ??

I’ll take it as it comes toward me.

I have clipboard loaded with Tru Red luxurious legal pads and separate wells of markers and scissors and staplers and ash trays and lighters on each side of front room and in bedroom which I almost never fire up.

So, can I teach myself to construct a multi-camera video studio in my apartment ??

Probably helps that I don’t know that I can’t do that.

Another case of what, Brian the dishwasher at the Kenmore 42 years ago called:

"You aren’t allowed to redecorate your room in Hell."

yeah for brian and larissa


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