Comment to Mission Local


Not saying Joe and Lydia won’t publish my comments.

They publish almost every single one of them.

Thing is, I usually violate their rule about things running too log cause I have the Talking Gene from my family which includes Mark Twain and it goes into your writing too and you can’t stop which is if you think of it, not a bad thing for a writer.

the comment …

Jesus couldn’t fix the problem either and look at his connects.

Remember how he gave up and said:

"The poor will always be with us."

No Communist, that guy.

Let me give you one solution that will clear the City of all people living on the streets.

Move them to Treasure Island !!

Part of the Pact the City signed with the Feds was a Promise from the City to first use the land to alleviate homelessness by housing them and their programs on the island.

Of course, Willie Brown made that deal on our behalf so there’s that as he quickly started talking about high rise luxury hotels and handed it to a hustler named, Darius Anderson who created an outfit named, ‘Platinum Advisers’ (they don’t advise the homeless, trust me on that) …

By simply going by the rule of the Federal contract the City should scoop up every tent and bicycle and the like and ship em all to Treasure Island and deal with them from there.

It’s the friggin’ law for goodness sake !!

I brought this up with lady running Breed’s Homeless agency at Manny’s and she said she never heard of that.

Job Corps all we still have there.

Brock Purdy ?

Oh yeah, he played tuba in my high school marching band.


And, following on that, the star quarterback on my high school’s Missouri State Championship football team DID play tuba in the marching band and took off his shoulder pad and did halftime shows with them or elsewise he told the coach he wouldn’t play.

Mickey Robinson he was called then.

Born Frank Leslie Robinson

Known in San Francisco as Roscoe Robinson

To paraphrase …

" Where are you Mickey Robinson, a nation turns its longing eyes to you ? "

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