SF Real Estate Cabal taking ALL of Homeless help spots


All this bullshit writing from rookie writers like Sydney Johnson of the Examiner is a head shaker.

Sydney, you wrote this morning about the junkies and other homeless being forced out of UN Plaza but you obviously don’t know that until Newsom’s people gave the SF Civic Center Auditorium to the Bill Graham Cabal there was an amazing ongoing successful project there birthed by Gavin’s buddy, Alex Tourk called, ‘Project Homeless Connect’.

Plenty of room in that huge space and Tourk filled it with doctors and dentists and social workers.

Hell, Gavin even had himself filmed washing the feet of a tramp.

I shit you not.

Don’t know whose idea that was but da boy ain’t Jesus.

So, first the ignorant BOS names our auditorium after the backstabbing thief (he stole from the Grateful Dead and they caught him and laughed about i) … he ripped off Chuck Helms business and was a total asshole in the industry.

So, not enuff we get our aud named after him, then they give the entire building on a million year lease to his namesake enterprise and after swearing that they’d still keep public use you know what the first thing ‘Bill Graham Enterprises’ did ?

Just what you’d think.

They threw out Project Homeless Connect.

So, Ms. Johnson, we had a place right at Civic Center and it was just too valuable to be wasted on the poor in the opinion of the Cabal of Realtors who run this town.

Same with Treasure Island.

All this, ‘oh where oh where will we put the poor and their services ?’ …

Wherever you choose next you can bet there will be a black limo slowly following and circling the spot to steal later.

Laguna Honda ?

Land just too valuable to allow the Poor to occupy.

So, SF is exporting their Poor just as we do our garbage.

It reminds me of an exchange reporters had with Willie Brown on the subject a couple of decades or more back.

Willie was in the process of firing all of the long-term City laundry workers and handing their jobs to a private outfit.

Someone noted from the circle that if the practice of outsourcing all of the work and increasing the cost of Real Estate continued that we were going to be left with a town of just wealthy people.

Willie’s reply as God is my witness …

" Would that be a bad thing ? "

Go Brock Purdy !!


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