Lockerbie was revenge for Vincennes murder of 290 to support Iraq in ongoing war with Iran


I’m gonna repeat this every now and then because I just watched Lester Holt give a 5 minute heart rending tribute to the victims of the Lockerbie murders w/out mentioning the 290 murders the U.S. Navy cruiser, Vincennes committed by shooting down an Iranian commercial airliner.

Who’s gonna mention the Vincennes shooting first ?

No one but dis dawg locally even and we’re supposed to be a hotbed of conspiracies here in the Bay Area.

Just like no one in the entire country save moi is talking about WHY the people pouring across our borders from Mexico are running like a mother fucker from their homes ???

It’s because U.S. corporations have spent the past hundred and fifty years murdering and enslaving the peoples below our Southern borders.

We’ve overthrown their duly elected governments and in the case of Allende outright murdered the poor bastard.

Whos fucking copper did he think it was sitting under his country’s soil ??

Anaconda’s of course !!

Try nationalizing that shit and you die.

Guatemala wants a democratic government ??

You die !!!

United Fruit Company get’s a wild bug up their ass ??

You die !!

According to an ex Mexican drug cop (David Calderon) talking on Lex Fridman’s pod case there are 50 to 70 drug cartels operating in Mexico alone.

Some just carve out a small area.

They protect the people ??

Build hospitals ?

Roads ?

And, they murder and maim anything in their way.

One cartel captured a couple of another’s ‘soldiers’ and did a video of their being hacked to death with chain saws.

I think I’d split a scene like that with my kids too.

Takes a lot of negative energy to push someone to walk five thousand miles.

Time to send no strings attached foreign aide of ten times what we’re giving now and administer its distribution on site.

How about Kapernick as a second backup ?



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