Dawg on Immigration Flood … Copy the Polish !!


You break it you bought it.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

What would Jesus do?

How can we repair the damage we’ve done Below the Border?

Make it safe for many who will want to return to go home.

Like Lex Fridman and Russia and me and St. Louis.

The place of your birth beckons to your very molecules we’ll say.

I even look like the copper colored clay of Missouri.

Oh, I have no desire to return.

Like the ex wife who tried to kill you then beckons to you.

Anyway, the Poles took in something like 2 million Ukrainians to have and hold til it’s safe for them to go home if they want.

We can do ten times that over a decade sharing the load of Labor Gold with Canada.

Plenty of Safe Space altho the Cartels will try to follow them and will have to be dealt with in some contingency plan over, like what’s the Federal government doing about the Cartel Slave Growers being placed in our National Forests?

It will be a situation like that.

We need every immigrant we can get and get them spread out over fertile land with unlimited water for decades and Cuban health care I guess.


Working on a piece now about how kids who took my Survival classes thru SFUSD banded together to survive a nuclear attack on San Francisco.

Got legs?

Rolling pretty good.

Again, welcome all immigrants like they’re fleeing Russian troops.

What they’re running from is just as bad.

Go Niners !!


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