Israel kills Scientists … Elon Musk is a Scientist


I don’t blame Gil Duran for using his PR skills to Job Shop.

In fact, he’s one of my heroes for standing up for American Criminal Justice Reform when he wrote honestly about the railroading of Chesa Boudin.

Cost Duran his job but was the honorable thing to do.

However, Gil’s trying to assist in having the Number One American Scientist assassinated with a cheap shoulder mounted Stinger Missile as a Job Shopping move ain’t cool.

Gil knows this as he WARNS Musk that he (Duran) has PR skills and shouldn’t be fucked with.

OR ??

Or, instead of using his skills for Good as Duran did at the Examiner, he’ll join with others to help any Terrorists state or entity that wants to hurt the United States by taking out the most dangerous American citizen.

Duran should make it clear that he is not trying to take the baton carrying the ongoing coordinates of Musk’s aircraft from the paparazzi racing after the Real ‘Rocket Man’.

Let me put this plainly for all of you ‘Journalists’ involved in this thing.

If everyone of you together were blown up by a Talaban missile it would not hurt an American war effort one iota.

If Musk got killed it would.

No one is looking for the number painted on the tail of any plane any of you are on.

You’re making too light of this.

Go Niners !!


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