The Bastard Offspring of American Corporate Greed are these very immigrants


The mobs of thousands of desperate people pushing at our Southern Border are there because American Foreign Capital in pursuit of Profit tossed moral and ethical considerations aside in order to steal the Resources from their countries.

We installed dictators.

We murdered their democratically elected leaders.

We blocaded their trade.

We installed dictators and armed them heavily so’s they could murder their own people to keep the riches flowing back to the 1%.

American journalists with integrity would do well to shift gears.

Bulldog challenge to the New York Times and Fox News …

Stop writing this banner headline:

" Well, will you look at all the starving terrified people all squished up at our Southern Border ?? "

And now and then do a series like:

" WHY the fuck are all of these people squished up at our Southern Border ?? "

Again … they are our Bastard Children and this is nothing compared to the Ukraine/Polish Border where 2 million have crossed and been welcomed with asylum.

Can we not equal the Poles ??

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

The other Major Story is the Big Lie about the Nation’s Dominion Voting Machines …

They can be hacked.

No way you can know for certain and they control the Vote in 28 states including all of the 5 Swing States that made Biden President.

To remove that possibility San Francisco should go to having their votes counted by an Open Source Algorithm.

To do that two things have to happen …

Breed must be Recalled.

Arntz’s new contract should be eaten like that of a failed quarterback.

There, I did my part.


Happy holidays to all of you boys and girls and can’t make up your minds …

Go Niners !!


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