Dawg does test Twitter comments … I’ve been banned along w/Trum and Chomsky


So far, this most productive period of my new internet posting over the past year has gotten pretty much zero response which is cool with me.

I just like to write and now, post photos.

I’d like to add videos.

I’d like to learn to arrange my columns and photos into a series of online books.

Next year … Series of online podcasts.

Mayor showed up after not being around for her allotted time in BOS swearing in.

She looks good.

More severe look today but she wears it well.

How old is she now?

Must be 50.

Interesting to see Peskin and Breed standing and sitting alongside one another.

A preview of the 2024 Mayor’s Race ??

Go Niners !!

Look up ‘Shadow Banning’.

Geez …

Maybe I don’t want people reading and commenting on my shit ?


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