Amazing what you can do with half piece of plywood and 6 milk crates


My family moved 25 times before I got out of high school.

Then, the Navy moved me around to places they wanted cased.

Bottom line is that the pics underneath here are the result of almost 80 years of moving around and furniture types and the like.

The piece of furniture below is part of a continuous network of 66 book and file filled crates which can be easily moved.

They’re fun.

Like playing with legos I guess tho I never have.

I’ve been moving different plywood and milk crate designs for my whole life.

I built an assembly in my quonset hut in the desert in Morocco in my time as a Clerk/Typist spy 60 years ago.

I also like to make backdrops for my podcast.

I always get tired of listening to people on the tube and start trying to read the titles of the books behind them.

Here are mine …




U.S. Senate

Go Niners !!

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