“There are Zero Office Space projects in the pipeline in San Francisco.”


SF Planning Director, Rich Hillis knows whereof he speaks.

It kind of deflated the good SRO crowd.

That’s like, ‘Good trouble’.

The ‘SRO’ here is for ‘Standing room Only’ and Manny is kicking some ass.

We were bullshitting as I stopped to pick up some of the orange City trash bags we volunteers use to clean the neighborhood and he was wondering how he could beef up attendance.

I said bring in a Jazz group and he’d already thought of it and done it and he, in fact, hat a quartet up the next evening (Friday) and Jazz is now scheduled for every Friday evening there from now on.

Manny said that he thought there must be, "150 people" filling the place.

Hey, I’m old former night club owner myself and he had 300.

Pretty cool.

I told him that the homeless in Clarion Alley were saying that Manny quit giving them free coffee and I can understand while things were slow but get the caffeine going to that crowd again?

Hate to say it but the rough and worn street scene in the Mission all around any major corner on 16th Street is a ‘draw’ to a certain type of fascination for some in the Upwardly Mobile crowd.


So, Manny Yekutiel and my politics may be very different but our desires to see that the Public gets all of the honest facts on all candidates and issues possible coincide.

Next honest City Department head scheduled into the spot where you can walk in the door and shake hands with Bernie Sanders sometimes for free or couple of weeks ago you could give Jane Fonda 5 grand to shake her hand.

That last one kinda disappointed me.

Vulgar, even.

Ben Rosenfield is the Controller and has a ten year term and is a couple of years into his latest and honest as the day is long.

Ted Egan, the City Economist who does straight as an Eagle long range economic forecasting will follow sometime I hope.

Now, while I’m happy for Manny, the big winners here are SF Voters.

The word is getting out that there is a place small enuff to see the speaker’s face and they’ll listen to your questions.

Wonderful Panel last night.

Join Manny’s as a Sponsor like I did over a year ago.

36 bucks a month and 25 to Mission Local and 2 dollar bill to Wiki.

I’m a poor man who ends up with 5 bucks in my account sometime.

If I give, so can you.

Thanks to my own mentors too who lay a C note on me now and then.

I spend it wisely if you like seeing me pass out a five dollar bill to someone to take their picture and post it on this site or, sometimes I buy a beer for one of my corner fixture friends offering advice to aggressive motorists at 16th and Valencia.

Think that’s not needed ?

Last week when they weren’t there a pedestrian was killed at 16th and Valencia.

Here’s big one …

Keeping Ukraine as a free trading partner is worth a Trillion dollars.

So, far we’ve spent less than a hundred billion.

Wheat is what makes the country so valuable.

They’re like #4 or 5 in the World for best soil and commensurate food export.

How would you like for the Russians to control that in a starving World ?

They’re doing that right now with their Black Sea blockade and people are starving in Africa as a result.

The Russian military must be crushed.

And, we have to get to work handing out Ten thousand cash to cut our population in the World cause we got too many for the Resources.

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

Go Niners !!


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