Wadda day wadda day


Lotta buildings in today’s pics.

The most treasured to me range from Chief Dennis T. Sullivan’s Fire Chief’s House to Susan on the Sidewalk at 16th and Mission forever and Don washing graffiti off the wide wall of his liquor store at 16th and Valencia.

"You’ve got Irish eyes."

"But, I’m not Irish."

"So, where’d you get the blue/hazel eyes ?"

Conversation with Katrina.

Got a couple of shots inside the old Harcourt Residence Club where I used to share an employees room on top floor with Jens Nielsen himself.

Pat Monahan used to come up there to buy dollar joints and smoke them with us and tell us he was gonna be a Rock Star.

He did it.

Our cook, Lenny Correnti decided he was gonna promote a show and hired the Indian Hall on Valencia across from Fred’s Liquors.

He dropped under a grand for whole thing.

Half went to up and coming act.

Chris Isaac and his band, Silvertone.

There was a warm-up act too.

Hall was packed with 300 and Lenny had bought no liquor for the 40 foot bar on the second floor with no elevator.

We’d all taken a couple of hits of acid and were going to do the bar.

Roscoe and me and Margaret Bruno and Mitch and Roscoe and I went across to the liquor store and borrowed a dolly and bought every single bottle of beer in the store, some warm.

We clunked it up thos stairs 4 at a time and sold em for a buck apiece.

We had our St. Louis pleated pants and suspenders and crazy wide nectkies and the people loved the scene.

Me too.

That was 40 years ago.

Fred’s still there.

Bought my last booze there couple years ago.

Now I’m friends with Mongolian ladies who tend the place and I give them jewelry costume and they gave me a Mongolian belt with heavy symbol buckle and a leather pouch to wear around my neck and carry my bracelets and the like that I give away and it’s all cheap but people love the good vibes.

Stopped in Chinatown first today on way to pick up my quarterly half ounce of compassion weed.

Had fifty dollar bill to get some bracelets and first lady laughed me away.

Second took me back to her storage and gave me a big handfull of heavy fancy bracelets for the fifty with grins and chuckles and I gave her one for good luck and she laughed and found another and gave it to me and it was the last one I had when I hit Four Barrels …

George Simmons Roth just phoned.

What a day …

Trash pick up, bracelets and rings to Manny’s and compassion pot on Polk where I pass out more bracelets and to Peoples two barber shops, one on Polk and other on Valencia and I pass out bracelets from Chinatown on Polk.

676 Geary which I managed with Ania and it used to be one of Sally Stanford’s brothels and some of the ‘girls’ were still there in their 60’s and we had 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving with whole building a fiesta.

Got home from my roaming and turned on tube by hunch and there was BOS pushing the Laguna Honda problem away like they didn’t know that their Democrat president could solve the problem with an Executive Order to CMS but SF realtors won’t let him cause this has always been a land grab.

Phoned in to mention this to BOS which I hadn’t done before and don’t plan to again unless I get the hunch.

Machine erasing things so I’ll quit for now.


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