SF Bulldog’s favorite writers


I’ll forget someone but these are people I pretty much drop anything to read.

Matt Gonzalez

He always teaches me something and brings more receipts quietly than any other writer I’ve seen so I always not just read, but study him.

Joe Eskenazi

Joe’s a big fish in a little pond.

Like Gonzalez, he’s a quality researcher but brings sports allusions and vocabulary teaser/enhancers to the table.

Tim Redmond

He’s my ‘Dean of SF Journalism’ cause he’s covered every top story in San Francisco from an executive editor and above level with an honest (cept for his soft spot for Aaron’s warts) and open mind for 35 years at least.

David Talbot

I haven’t seen anything by him lately and please send me links if you have any.

Talbot is the only writer I’ve ever asked for an autograph.

I’d given away my copies of ‘Season of the Witch’ and ‘Devil’s Chessboard’.

Had him sign an old copy of ‘Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens’ and he professed admiration for SF’s all-time best political writer/analyst/movershaker.

David Lombardi

This one is new. Niners beat analyst/writer/color man.

Sometimes I have to get away from the vile hot tub of war and politics and transfer that energy into something more hopeful.

Granted, the Super Bowl has slipped from our grasp of late.

But, we have 5 of those trophy suckers in a case somewhere local.

Can’t say the same for National Health care and we’ve been playing yearly match-ups with Big Pharma for decades and never come close.

So, I fight for National Health Care but for a cause with a chance ?

Go Niners !!

Noam Chomsky

If I have a question about pretty much anything I Google …

Chomsky … (choose any topic)

A You Tube video will promptly appear giving me the opinion of the guy I think is the wisest man on Earth.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Lext asks the best and most basic questions to the most accomplished or notorious or notoriously accomplished like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

"What is the meaning of Life ??"

"What is Love to you ??"

"What factors do you consider when hiring Top Management ?"

You’ll fall in loved with Lex.

He’s introverted yet poignantly open.

Except for Chomsky who lacks mobility, Fridman insists that his subjects be face to face with a minimalist back drop.

And, asks them to address him directly, please as he will them and it works and after an hour or so at most they forget the camera and that’s something when his guests can forget they’re talking to a genius MIT AI researcher who was born in Moscow to Russian/Ukranian Jewish parents and who just spent a month in the war zone supporting Ukraine.

Watch Lex talk to Mexican former undercover Tiajuana drug cop, David Calderon for well over 3 hours and you’ll know more about cartels down there than any media talking head.

Did you know, for instance, that some cartels have ‘No Fly’ zones over their territories that the military respects or they’ll get shot down ?

Fridman says he can use robotics to duplicate human module except for Love.

He searches for it in guests who range from historians to bio-science researchers and internet thieves and billionaire moguls.

I have about a dozen of his interviews paused and keep clicking on new ones.

He’s up to around 400 and Rogan has well over 1,000.

Matt Smith

Even tho he doesn’t seem to write like his old self.

The guy was like Fridman 25 or 30 years ago.

Beau of the 5th Column

Just an erudite Socrates with a similar beard and baseball hat.

In a big storage shed of some kind with a one man show.

Seldom more than 5 minutes but he covers everything.


With a rare rare rare clarity.

Folksy explanations for the Day’s events from International to the price of corn.

Wanna know about GPT3 ?

Let the 45’ish red beared like ZZ Top guy with the Curious George ball cap splain it to you.

That’s enuff of that …

More for my benefit as a 2023 Groundhog’s Day baseline of sorts.

Go Warriors !!


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