Going forward, how much is 5th best growing land in Word worth ??


The best agricultural land in the world is split between Argentina and Uruguay.

I forget exact order but I recall that and France being 4th as an entire country.

Just after them is Ukraine and California’s great ground.

What does this mean ??

It means that as we move from Oil Wars …

Which can be solved with present technology.

After that ..

the World will move to ??? … ???

Water Wars !!

Which can me solved with present technology.

This is all happening fast, mine you … think 10 or 20 years.

Then, comes food.

Which is why those nations that have ‘Land Banked’ growing land …

The Russians will ‘Replace’ the ethnic Eukranians just like Stalin.

Foina Hill looks pretty good all cleaned up.


My kind of girl.


Go Warriors !!


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