Stanley once played Minnesota Fats a game of pool …

RIP Stanley Michael Jackson, Street Sheet Vendor #193



Time passes fast it’s hard to believe I’ve been frequenting 16th and Valencia for coming on 9 years now and Stanley was always there.

I just posted the Street Sheet Profile they did of him about two years ago.

Glad someone got a bit of his fascinating portfolio down before he split.

Stanley was the best Pool Player in San Francisco in his day and he travelled 47 of the 48 states competing.

Always came back to "San Fran" cause he was born in Oakland and always lived hereabouts.

He was known as, "Action Jackson" and played in the World Series of Poker.

There’s a whole cadre like that centering around 16th and Mission.

‘Hollywood’ who managed entire film sets …

Go play darts at La Boheme !!

Just dropped off a dart board there.

Hey, 24th and Mission and stop by for the vibes as I have been for 42 years.

It was a shoe shop before and owner planted trees for daughters outside as they were born and the one got replaced but, ‘Irene’ is still there.

I dated Irene.

The other one.

Long story.

So, after it was a Mexican/American cobbler’s shop, Carlos Santana played there as one of his first stops in the Mission.

That’s Cafe La Bohem I’m talking about on 24th Street North side just West of 24th and hottest corner in Town bar none.

I used to sit and drink beer and watch Robert Crumb sketch Krissy Keefer’s legs which he made World Famous and JK Dineen bought me a beer there ways back.

Place has been there forever and Krissy’s got her Dance Brigade upstairs for 30 years or more and I don’t want to see La Boheme go so I bought a dart board in a cabinet in the rain on Mission Street at 16th and on a whim bussed it on down to 24th to put on counter for owner as, ‘new business plan ?".

So, Action Jackson passed on as has so much of the San Francisco I met when I cruised through in 1966 with my girlfriend and Haight Street was all empty storefronts and a 3 bedroom we looked at on the corner of Ashbury was 145 bucks a month.

Well, Saturday afternoon 12:47 and no Salonites as yet.

Remember the Mission

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