What’s your Scam ?? … h. brown


First, let me make it clear that this tale is meant in no way to insult the American worker.

We are and always have been the most productive in the World.

And … still found time to fuck off.

I used to get high with a Muni driver in the mid-80’s and he explained why people counting on a scheduled bus in a dangerous Hunters Point neighborhood in the middle of the night didn’t get their bus on time.

"We’d take turns laying up at the end of the line and do coke and fuck whores."

Hey, I didn’t say or do that, he did.

"If you’re waiting for a bus and one doesn’t come and finally when one does come you curse the driver and take his number but he’s on schedule cause the emergency ‘loop’ in the line made it possible for you to change your place in line."

Sooooo, that was why you waited an hour and then 3 buses came at once ?

Happened to me once waiting outside ‘9th Inning’ bar.

I was across street on other side and, as god is my witness, there was a Muni inspector in a Muni car sitting right next to my bus stop watching.

You can see a good bit down 16th Street from there and here were coming two buses tail-gating/drafting …

Bottom line this, h. you’re boring the people.

OK, so when I give the inspector the numbers of the buses and asked him if he saw what I did he said …

"I didn’t see anything wrong."

If I hadn’t had the coke-head driver explain to me all those years back.

He said that they put little radio signal devices in the buses to keep track of them but you just broke off the antennas soon as you got out of yard and blamed it on kids.

So, this is not a story about Muni.

It’s about scams in general and how what I’ve learned about them has given me some insight into a couple of ‘scams’ in the Mayor’s Office and back on the streets that keep them filthy.

Did you know that Mayor Breed personally ordered two thirds of the City’s Public Porta Potties to be put into storage because homeless people congregated around them ?


Ever wonder why when you walk up to aconcrete trash container stand in the Mission that the barrel inside is empty but that there is still cardboard and other shit around it ?

Cause the fast clatter of a standard plastic can’s wheels can mean a driver is hustling across lanes of traffic just to empty the plastic can inside the concrete box for any inspector to see and leave the shit next to the structure ?

What do people do with the ‘profits’ from fucking off or stealing or getting bribes?

A boss on a Lighting Division crew in St. Louis 50 years ago built a house from ‘salvaged’ copper and lead cable.

In San Francisco, Mohammed Nuru used his Multi-Sourced Graft branch of the Willie Brown Machine to build a mansion up North.

Wonder if he’ll still be the owner when he finishes his time.

Muni drivers got pussy and coke.

At the Health Department in St. Louis, again half century back, you could finish your work for most days in under an hour driving down alleys and noting that nothing had been done to abate a citation and you just do another quick ticket for your ‘reinspections’ and pretty soon you were done and you turned them in the next morning and rest of day was yours.

Everyone knew this shit then and everyone knows this shit now.

It’s called, "Good enuff for gov’ment work." …

Never heard that one ?

I spent many an hour playing cards in the long crew cab trucks.

So, biggest problem in San Francisco Trash World is Mayor London Breed.

She keeps trash cans and toilets off the streets.

She allows workers on street to short arm their work.

The workers aren’t bums.

True, they cut corners.

But, I’ve watched them (trash) work for a year right up with my nose to the gutter and they can accomplish lots if they weren’t afraid of making each other look bad.

I watched a combo DPW/Muni team change the entire two blocks in front of 44 McAllister from one-way to two-way and install an overhead electric power grid over the scene in a day.

These guys used to march in every parade.

A Trash Guys Brigade !!

Showing off their strength and dexterity.

Whipping the old heavy Aluminum cans on wheels and wearing flapping aprons.

People don’t take Pride anymore.

Anyway, just was thinking of how to teach gangstah kids and it hit me that a good lesson series of plans would be for them to talk about scams they knew about and then have them create scams that teach people good habits w/out people knowing it.

I think that way all the time.

Go David Lombardi who is getting married May 6th in case you did not know.



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